Welcome to Kho Ngai Thanya Resort

Nestled in Koh Ngai, Krabi, Koh Ngai Thanya Resort is your 3-star haven with free Wi-Fi, an indoor pool, on-site restaurant, and relaxing massages. Being SHA Plus-certified, this hotel prioritizes your safety as you enjoy Krabi's treasures, including the nearby Ao Nang Beach.

sand castle at Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand
sand castle at Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Your curated guide to the wonders of Krabi province and the Krabi Andaman coast. Experience the best accommodations and embrace the beauty that awaits. Join us in discovering the heartbeat of Krabi.

Discovering the Heartbeat of Krabi

Situated in the heart of Thailand's picturesque landscapes is Krabi— a province kissed by the Andaman Sea. This site is your authentic digital compass, expertly guiding travelers through the majestic terrains and coastal beauty of the Krabi Andaman coast.

Dive into the mystical waters of the Emerald Pool, surrounded by lush rainforests of the Krabi Andaman coast, and let nature's tranquility envelop you.

Stand before the iconic limestone caves and pristine beaches of the Krabi Andaman coast, bearing legends of a queen (Phra Nang) who awaits her sailor husband's return.

From beachfront dining to thrilling water sports, Ao Nang, a gem on the Krabi Andaman coast, offers a vibrant experience for every kind of traveler.

On the Krabi Andaman coast, unearth secluded beaches including the Phi Phi Islands' hidden secrets, dive into azure waters, and dance the night away on this famous island cluster.

Born out of profound admiration for Krabi's unique charm, these pages showcase the region's most captivating experiences. Beyond the scenic wonders, it delves into the rich tapestry of stories, traditions, and legends that Krabi whispers to its visitors.

An integral part of the site experience is its handpicked selection of accommodations. From lavish resorts that echo luxury to intimate vacation homes capturing Krabi's essence, the platform ensures a fit for every traveler's dream.

In essence, the site stands as a traveler's trusted ally, illuminating the very best of the Krabi province and the Krabi Andaman coast, ensuring every journey becomes a cherished memory.